Welcome to a viewing of the 1960 Bearcat yearbook for Lenoir High School, Lenoir NC.
These pages are designed so they can be viewed on desktop, laptop, pad-size, or phone size screens. They are best viewed using larger screens, or on touch screens that allow you to expand the images.
All of the pages, from front cover to final page, are presented in order so that you can move forward or backward throughout the 132 pages of the yearbook using NEXT and PREV link buttons. As an alternative, you can view an OVERVIEW of the yearbook, and use it to link directly to a specific section or page. You also may, at any time, use the HOME link button to return to this page.
The images were created by Phil Howell, Class of 1960, using his personal copy of the Bearcat. While autographs have been retained, personal comments have been redacted. Questions, comments, or suggestions can be directed to him by email at Phowell222@aol.com. These images may be freely copied and displayed by anyone, though a brief note about the source and this Web address would be appreciated.
I hope you enjoy this access to the 1960 Bearcat yearbook. May it bring back fond memories of, or give you a better insight into, Lenoir High School in that period.
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