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Jefferson Perez of Ecuador
walking at 186 spm, and
about 6.5 minutes/mile

Maria Teresa Marinelli
(Italy) in slow motion

Icabod in slow motion
(blue=support, green=recovery)

Icabod running in slow motion
(red=flight phase)

runner and walker in sync and in slow motion
(blue=support, green=recovery, red=flight)

runner and walker shown going faster

Astley Belt, Gilmore's Garden, NYC
March 10-15, 1879, Charles Rowell (right)
walked 500 miles to win 6-day race.

Edward Payson Weston (left), winner,
covered 550 miles in 6 days.

Runner at 11 minute pace.

Runner in slower motion.

Runner or walker?

Trotter is a horse racewalker.